We are proud to offer our services through our own companies and a network of selected specialists


Today our firm is as a dynamic group composed of five companies operating both in the UK and the US. Each company of the group specialises in a specific range of services and is authorised or regulated for the provision of such services.

B2Business™ Limited

Our primary company. B2Business™ Limited is based in London and coordinates the entire group and network.
Logo B2Business Inc.
B2Business Inc.
Business Consultancy and Soft-landing Services (US)
Logo B2Business Advanced Services
B2Business Advanced Services Limited
Real Estates and Marketing Services (UK)
Logo B2Bookkeeping
B2Bookkeping Limited
Accounting and Bookkeping Services (UK)
Logo B2Business Corporate Consultants
B2B Corporate Consultants Limited
International Tax Advisdory and Due Diligence Services (UK - EU).
We are well-established partners of many highly rated professional firms within the legal, accounting and financial industries across Europe and the US: