It's us, but is all about your business!


The B2Business Group was founded in London in 2017.
The founding partners, each with many years of professional experience in the legal, accounting, and business management, launched the project with the aim of providing our customers with what was initially an extremely limited number of tailored and bespoke business support services, mainly dedicated to those entrepreneurs who choose to approach the UK as their initial or additional market.

Our approach has remained the same ever since.
Notwithstanding the extremely competitive and overpopulated business environment in which we have made our first steps, we stayed strong and eventually moved forward. This has been possible only thanks to the support and trust of our customers. The increasing number of clients introduced by our existing customers has encouraged us to grow up and look further afield.

In the same way, the increasing number of partners and strategic suppliers that we have accumulated in these years has contributed to enhancing the level and the variety of the services offered. To date, our services are provided to clients based in ten different countries worldwide and we serve them all with the same passionate approach we adopted since the day our firm was founded.


At B2Business we do believe that any business organisation is unique and so must be the support to make our customers’ ideas become a true and profitable reality.

We always keep in mind that any single business has its own necessity and needs a customised approach so to understand the potentialities of the relevant market and put in place the best growth strategies.

We despise the “packages-based” solutions generally provided by most of the sector operators and we love to examine our customers’ business in details, so to create the best structures to support their growth expectations.